RGB-NDB+ User Manual
Led Lighting Solutions

*Light counts based on 4-inch bulb spacing. Larger bulb spacings may not control this many pixels.  If using the NDB+, Max per Output Port is 230 lights in 16-port mode & 460 lights in 8-port mode.

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The Network

Data Box


Minleon's Network Data Box runs fully sequenced RGB light shows & installations via PC using industry standard Art-Net sequencing software: LightShow Pro, Madrix, Light Jockey and the like. 

 Don’t do your  own sequencing? The NDB  also works with Minleon’s    Network Effects Controller  with 

  • 23 Built-in effects
  • Light Show Mode
  • DMX triggering

 Commonly used in Mega-  Trees, Grids, Canopies,  Chandeliers & Tunnels.


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