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Led Lighting Solutions

How it’s different:

  • 2-dimentional Pixel Mapping LED configuration – string
  • LED’s in any fashion you desire, snap a photo with your
  • smart device, and let the App calibrate your effects
  • Individually, pre-addressed RGB-LED’s​
  • Draw, Animate & Color multiple custom effects​

Other Standard Features:

  • Over 10 pre-set color combinations; 10 pre-set effects
  • Save multiple Favorites
  • Synch controllers on multiple elements within range
  • Network Mode, for a Wi-Fi boost
  • Commercial grade, outdoor-rated
  • Water testing performed on 100% of mini lights produced (we are the first manufacturer to develop & use a water test machine for mini lights)
  • Patent-protected, two-wire-spacing design for each LED
  • Patent-protected, one-piece design restricts water penetration

What it is:
5mm & Large Lens RGB-LED, color-changing light strings with Wi-Fi controller, pixel mapping control,  power supply & smart device app.


  • Wire frames
  • Signs
  • Pegboards
  • Christmas trees
  • Garden & yard decor
  • Retail storefronts

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